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Do you want your kids to be able to tell you anything?Are you looking for a way to prevent your kids from keeping secrets that could beharmful to them?If that's the case, this is just the book for you!When kids are little, they have no clear understanding of what's good and bad. It's up tous to teach them that. As parents, we also need to teach them to tell us what happens tothem, without shame and fear. You'd want to know if your kid was in an inappropriatesituation, right? It's very important to teach them they can tell you anything withoutfear."Mommy Says" is a kid's book with pictures that drives this point home in an endearingand educational way. Plus, your kids will learn to never accept anything that makesthem uncomfortable and to set healthy social boundaries.Here's what makes this book special:• It's a heartwarming kid's story with Haitian characters and cultureemphasized, promoting tolerance and cultural acceptance• It has a universal message of love and communication between parents and kidsthat will help your children communicate well• The story is beautifully written and illustrated with great care and love, withkid-friendly language and drawings• AND SO MUCH MORE!Sometimes it's hard to communicate with kids and teach them things in a way they canunderstand. This is why we have always turned to books - children's stories give you atool that is of immense help in teaching your kids important things in a way they canunderstand and appreciate. Plus, this story is super fun, heartwarming, and educational!

  • Released: October 30, 2020
  • Author: Armelle Desir,Armelle Desir
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