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Productivity Supercharger

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Discover How You Can Complete Your Work Faster and With Less Effort!Some days you might find that you're inundated with a barrage of interruptions, distractions, and fire drills that seem to keep you from accomplishing as much as you thought you could even though you worked very hard.At the end of these days, you might realize that you didn't make anywhere near as much progress as you were expecting, which can leave you frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed.No One Taught You How to Be ProductiveIf you're like most people, you didn't receive any formal training on productivity in school.It's not your fault that no one taught you productivity best practices, but it's now up to you if you want to enhance your productivity.Being more productive is not about working more. Instead, it's about spending your time and effort more intelligently on the right things so you can achieve significantly greater results with less effort.Benefits You'll GetProductivity Supercharger will help you take greater control over your work so you can say goodbye to the days where you know you could have accomplished more.By increasing your level of productivity, you'll gain a variety of benefits, including:More freedom to pursue the most meaningful things in your lifeA lower level of stress and anxietyImproved focusA feeling that you're better prepared and more organizedA greater sense of accomplishmentMore leisure time to do the things you want to doA greater feeling of control over your work and your lifeA greater ability to perform at a high level, and a greater ability to be compensated accordinglyWhat's in the BookHow to Determine What You Want and How to Get It (CH 1)How to Handle Low-Value Tasks You Receive From Your Boss or an Important Client (CH 2)How to Overcome 7 of the Most Common Procrastination Triggers (CH 3)How to Reenergize Yourself so You Can Complete More Work in Less Time (CH 4)How to Get Yourself to Do What You Need to Do When You Need to Do It, Even When You Don't Feel Like Doing It (CH 5)An Overview of the Psychology and Neuroscience of Productivity and How to Leverage These Insights to be More Productive (CH 6)How to Overcome Distractions, Including a Noisy Work Environment (CH 7)How to be Productive in an Open Office Environment and When You Work Remotely (CH 7)How to Use the Two Different Types of Checklists (CH 8)How to Identify and Eliminate Unnecessary Work, and how to Make Your Processes More Efficient (CH 9)An Overview of When and on Which Tasks You Should Multitask (CH 10)How to Compose Emails That are Quicker to Write and That Generate a Faster Response (CH 11)How to Reduce the Number of Meetings You Need to Attend, and How to Make the Ones You Attend More Productive (CH 13)How to Increase the Productivity of Your Projects (CH 14)How to be More Productive in Your Interactions with Others (CH 15)How You Can Significantly Reduce Your Workload by Delegating More of Your Work (CH 16)

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